Fuwa-sensei's office, please wait here. I encourage you to utilize our fine entertainment system Fuwa-sensei purchased generously for clients such as yourself to use while waiting.

Thank you for waiting and for your concerns regarding the timing of our reconstruction. Please rest assured that Fuwa-sensei is fully aware of each inconvenience and is dedicated to ensuring everybody's satisfaction with the greatest speed and efficiency. As his personal assistant and secretary it is my duty to remind you of all the great charity and service he provides to the people and that it is with a heavy heart that he has been forced to reassess the priorities within this project. He requires your full support and patience during this time. Fuwa-sensei is working as quickly as he can in this matter, but is willing to accept any generous donation to aid his efforts.

If you would like a meeting with Fuwa-sensei, please state if your business is concerning rent owed, payment of rent, return of deposit, leasing agreements, property management opportunities, lost and or replacement keys, deed purchase, insurance, security, investments, partnerships, advertising, local charity, loaning information, loan and debt status, employment opportunities, or miscellaneous inquiries. Fuwa-sensei's next availability is the next Tuesday morning at 10:15 AM four months from now. Shall I pen you in...?

  • H8ULOVE.me is an animanga fc, no restriction 18+ forum roleplay for writers of all strengths and skill. we are mainly a slice of life roleplay set in a fictional nagasaki, japan. we do limit registration to individuals aged 18+.

  • we place our community at the top of our priorities. as a result, we are open for anybody to join, regardless of whether or not they have interest or time to roleplay. we do not hold activity checks and we do not delete characters or content unless termination is required due to breaking H8U terms.

  • roleplaying is the main creative outlet of H8U. we post according to a turn-based forum system, weaving together stories and telling them through the perspective of many different characters. it is a community project that has been ongoing at H8U for years, but the stories are not even close to over. in fact, most have barely begun. there are no limits on the stories that can be told, and every character is entitled to its own development toward either a happy or unhappy ending.

FIRST ESTABLISHED: february 2011 on ProBoards.
RELOCATED: november 2012 on JCINK.

ONGOING: over 6 years.

H8ULOVE.ME will not close down, regardless of activity. you will also be free to participate and someone will always be around!

by participating in any thread, chat, or message on h8ulove.me you are accepting the following terms, and agree to be held accountable via restrictions or termination following any failure to comply:

you must be 18+ to register.

o1 there are no activity checks or post quotas, but you are expected to be actively present. if you are unable to be present then proper notice of hiatus is expected for the sake of those who will miss you. being present includes such things as posting, chatting in the cbox or discord, and participating in ooc discussions. failure to do any of this may result in an account freeze or loss of character claims. any extended absence, unexcused, from the community may result in termination.

o2 be respectful. do not begin stories with others that you are unable to keep up with. do not bully, harass, steal, or provoke. keep potentially offensive opinions to yourself, including but not limited to opinions regarding ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, hobbies, gender, status, age, religion, and disability. acknowledge when you have insulted another and respond in a mature and sensitive manner.

o3 be supportive of the community. be welcoming to every guest and member regardless of status or skill. do not spread misinformation or hateful commentaries about the community. aim for the community's growth and development and criticize constructively. offer corrections in language and setting respectfully. do not post links to external websites outside of permissions.

o4 explicit content is permitted. illegal content, disrespectful, offensive, and exploitative content is not permitted. stolen content will be removed. understand that there are otherwise few restrictions to content and be accepting of another member's creativity. likewise, understand that some content might be uncomfortable for others and tag it appropriately.